Before getting on the road this summer, visit McKee Auto with your vehicle to make sure all service items are up to date. We advise that all drivers get their vehicles ready before the temperatures get too high as they can sometimes factor into how your vehicle operates on the roads around Saylorville. Our team often offers special financing so that you can get a great deal on service and parts.

Tire Service

When the weather is colder in the winter months, the pressure in your tires tends to expand and deflate just about every time you drive. If there's been snow or ice on the road around Altoona, there could have been hazards that you didn't see that could damage your tires. While you're at our used car dealership's service center, we can inspect your tires to ensure there are no slick areas and see if there's any debris stuck in them. You will want to change your tires if the tread is too worn so that they have a better grip on the roads around Bondurant in the higher temperatures.

Battery Connections

Part of your summer vehicle service usually includes checking the battery to ensure that it's properly charged. We can examine the cables to see that they are making the proper connection with the battery posts and the posts themselves to ensure there's no corrosion. If there isn't a sufficient charge, then it's usually recommended that you replace your battery before driving around Ankeny, especially if you plan on using your air conditioner when you travel.

Topping Off

All of the fluids in your vehicle have a special job of keeping the internal components lubricated. Before you begin your summer travels around Des Moines, you want to have the fluids changed if they are at the designated interval or at least checked and topped off. Commonly checked fluids include the oil, transmission fluid, and coolant.

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